Seawater Aquarium




Berlin (Germany)


Media filters (750 m3/h), basic phosphate filter (2 m3/h), denitrification (2 m3/h)


Temperature 27ºC
TDS 27.000 rpm
pH 7,9
Flocculant 6-8 mg/l (Fe)
Phosphate (initial) 6.3 mg/l
Seawater Aquarium


The AquaDom aquarium is the biggest freestanding cylindrical aquarium in the world. It is home to 1500 fish and corals of 97 different species. All its 1000 m3 of water are recycled every hour in order to maintain the appropriate water conditions for sustaining life. Due to the recirculation of the water and the ineffectiveness of their phosphate removal filter, the level of phosphate had risen above the desired concentration (<1 mg/l) to 6,3 mg/l. The AquaDom wanted to reach natural seawater quality (Phosphate < 1mg/l) with minimal water loss (<10%). 


machineAn fully automated akvoFloatTM pilot plant treated a water flow of 0,7 m3/h ( 17m3/d) from March to November 2014.

Both Al2O3 and SiC ceramic membranes were tested.


“It was the best phosphate removal ever achieved in AquaDom“ (Christian Wander – Operator)

  • High removal efficiency of phosphate (90%)
  • High recovery (> 97%)
10 days of stable unmanned operation
  • High flux (183 lmh)
  • Low pressure drop (0,1- 0,25 bar)
Seawater Aquarium
Seawater Aquarium
Seawater Aquarium