Refinery Wastewater Treatment


The sustainability corporate mandate demands actions to reduce water consumption in all refinery and chemical sites worldwide. The goal of the pilot is to develop an integrated solution around our akvoFloat™ core technology ready for reuse of wastewater effluent as POX boiler water (250 m³/h) with following CTQs (Critical-To-Quality):

  • Technologies with high resistance to influent variabilities
  • A solution with reliable and simple operation
  • Close to ZLD (concentrate streams management optimized)
  • Waste to value philosophy (monetize waste)
  • RO Feed quality effluent requirements
  • Use of any chlorine treatment technology for water treatment is unwanted



A fully automated akvoFloat™ pilot plant treated a water flow of 1-2 m³/h (up to 50 m³/d).
Adsorption (AC) and Oxidation technologies (Ozone, AOP) integrated into akvoFloat™ as a final polishing step are tested downstream akvoFloat™ and a RO unit is also included to complete the treatment chain. A benchmarking of different technological options by combined CAPEX/OPEX must be done.


  • 4 months pilot project
  • High flux (up to 125 lmh)
  • Low pressure drop (0,1- 0,25 bar)
  • Achieved RO feed quality
  • Used adsorption and oxidation technologies integrated with akvoFloat™ as a polishing step before RO