Simplified design, retrofit and installation of flotation systems

MicroGas Demo Day 2020

Anfang: 01. Juli 2020
Ende: 01. Juli 2020
akvola Technologies GmbH Juni 15, 2020 at 3:27 pm

Simplified Design, Retrofit and Installation of Flotation Systems

The most common technology for flotation, DAF, has only experienced minor improvements since its early adoption began over 50 years ago. In this webinar we present our MicroGas™ technology – a breakthrough flotation technology– and show how to design, retrofit and install flotation systems to ensure its cost-effectiveness and ease of operation.

Unlike conventional microbubble generation technologies, the MicroGas™ technology is not based on the gas dissolution principle but on direct microbubble induction. This results in energy efficient systems that require fewer components to function. Additionally MicroGas™-powered plants are easy to install, operate and maintain and have the smallest possible footprint.

Join our webinar to get to know our new Series XL product line and how to use it to design new plants and retrofit obsolete flotation systems.


  • Learn how to design state-of-the-art flotation systems that are cost-effective and simple to operate – our technical experts will answer your questions live!
  • Get to know MicroGas™ XL, the only Direct Microbubble Generator in the market, as well as its main applications.
  • See the real-time installation of a MicroGas™ unit in a flotation unit.
  • See the live startup and operation of a MicroGas™-based system
  • Q&A with the company’s CTO