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akvola Technologies Receives Six Purchase Orders for akvoFloat™ during First Quarter of 2016

Berlin, Germany – April 11rd, 2016 – akvola Technologies (“Company”), a water technology company specialized in the removal of oils and suspended solids from hard-to-treat industrial effluents, announced today that it has received 6 purchase orders for akvoFloat™ pilots from top brands including Siemens, Total and Acciona in Q1 2016. “We have had a brilliant first quarter and our mobile pilot plants haven’t stopped for a second in 2016”, said Matan Beery, CEO, “We have already started the fabrication of an additional industrial-grade pilot plant to meet our future commitments.”

These purchase orders come from the refining, metalworking and steel industries, where akvoFloat™ has proven to outperform competing technologies in terms of CapEx and OpEx. These industries process and handle many oily effluents –currently being costly discharged or disposed of– that akvoFloat™ can treat up to reuse or discharge quality having a positive impact in the companies’ bottom lines. “In the last 6 months we have observed a significant market pull from these industries” said Carles Crespo, VP Sales and Business Development, “This has allowed us to validate our value proposition: with our technology we achieve a high separation efficiency in heavily loaded wastewater with one single piece of equipment, which translates into an easy & reliable operation and far lower payback times than competing technologies.”

The first of these six pilots was carried out for a manufacturer of power generation equipment which had high disposal cost for spent metalworking fluids. Johanna Ludwig, CTO of the Company, said “akvoFloat™ and our unique know-how in the design and operation of ceramic flat sheet membrane systems has allowed us to beat by far incumbent technologies, which included polymeric ultrafiltration, chemical separation, evaporation and biological treatment”. The successful results with metalworking fluids have already lead to a new purchase order from a wastewater disposal company focusing in this type of wastewater.”

The next chance to meet the Company and the akvoFloat™ technology will be at the following trade shows:
• IFAT 2016 (Munich, Germany – May 30th to June 3rd, 2016)
• O&S / parts2clean (Stuttgart, Germany – May 31st to June 2nd, 2016)

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