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akvola Technologies wins a Strategic Partner and Shareholder to Accelerate the Adoption of akvoFloat™ in Asia

Berlin, Germany – December 14th, 2016 – akvola Technologies (“Company”), a water technology company providing solutions for the removal of oils and suspended solids from hard-to-treat industrial effluents, has announced today that it has won CBC Group –a Japanese technology trading company with a global presence– as a strategic partner and shareholder. This will allow the Company to accelerate the commercialization of its akvoFloat™ water treatment systems in the Asian market, where CBC Group has a strong sales organization.

In addition to the equity investment, the Company will also enter into a Sales Partnership Agreement with CBC, which gives CBC preferential and early access to the akvoFloat™ technology and at the same time, provides akvola Technologies access to CBC’s global sales network and large customer base in the Company’s target markets.

“We consider CBC to be a strong international business partner, as we seek to expand the sales revenue growth of our akvoFloat™ systems,” stated akvola Technologies CEO Matan Beery. “As environmental regulations get stricter and water reuse gains traction, industrial facilities in the Asian and Middle Eastern regions are adopting energy-efficient technologies that enable them to meet their compliance requirements cost-effectively. In this scenario the strategic fit between CBC and akvoFloat™ is perfect.”

“We are excited about the opportunities that this investment will bring to CBC Group. As a customer centric technology trading company we are always looking for innovative products that enable us to create value for our current customer base and develop new markets”, stated CBC Europe’s CEO Frank Höfer, “akvola Technologies has proven its expertise on treating complex industrial wastewater with customers like ThyssenKrupp, Total and Siemens, so we are confident that the addition of akvoFloat™ to our product portfolio will be a major success. Additionally, in CBC Group we are driving the strategic change from hardware to customer solutions and this investment is a key step for us in the Asian region as well as in Europe.”

About CBC Group:
CBC Group is a family-owned company founded in 1925. Since 91 years about 2,800 employees create value for our cus-tomers in Chemical Trading, Life and Healthcare Products and Imaging & Information Technology. 38 offices in 17 countries global sales in total generate a value of 1.4 bn. USD. The key business of CBC Group is Technology Transfer between re-gions and the portfolio is constantly adapted to our customer’s need. The focus of CBC Group is to bring new energy-efficient and sustainable solutions to the market and in particular provide a global sales and marketing network to Start-Up companies with unique technologies. In Europe, CBC operates from its headquarters in Düsseldorf and has subsidiaries and offices in Milano, Barcelona, London, Warsaw, St. Augustin and Strasbourg.

May 31, 2017 at 1:11 am