MicroGas™ for Flotation

The most Simple and Energy-efficient Microflotation Technology

MicroGas™ generates white water for optimal removal of FOG and TSS without dissolving gas into water and hence no recycle stream is required. For this reason, MicroGas™-powered flotation plants can be designed with smaller tank volumes and footprints whilst keeping the required HRT (Hydraulic Retention Time) for an optimal performance. Additionally, our technology uses a fraction of the energy of conventional microbubble generating processes.


Key Benefits



  • No recycle stream – minimal equipment required
  • Avoid downtimes related to pump and nozzle failures


Energy Efficiency

  • Lowest energy consumption < 0,05 kWh/m3
  • Up to 90% lower due to lower operating pressures (1-2 bar) independently from salinity and temperature.



  • Lowest footprint
  • Adjustable gas flow rate – only changing inlet pressure


DAF / Clarifier retrofits
Water treatment (TSS and FOG removal)
Ozonation / Oxidation
Algae harvesting
Tramp oil removal from metalworking fluids
Hydroponics and marine farming
Bubble column reactors

Key Features

Bubble Size 50-70 micron
Energy consumption < 0,05 kWh/m³
OpEx independent from salinity, temperature and pH
Plug & Play / Easy installation
Self-cleaning / No clogging due to solids
Minimal equipment
Use of any Gas
Adjustable size and amount of bubbles (air-to-solids ratios)
Robust to extreme environments (corrosive, thermal and chemical)
Treat flow rates from 1 to 100 m³/h