Mission Statement

Turn Wastewater Into Value


The only way to achieve a sustainable freshwater supply in the long-run is by making wastewater reuse affordable — a complex process that requires increasing amounts of energy. At the same time, energy generation, storage and transformation also requires increasing amounts of water. This mega trend, known as the Water- Energy Nexus, poses one of the main challenges of the 21st century. Both industrial and municipal markets require innovative technological solutions for water treatment which are both efficient and sustainable.

At akvola Technologies we believe that making wastewater reuse an affordable and sustainable water source is essential to the future development of mankind in terms of economy, environment and society.


  • Create value and make a difference for our clients and partners

  • Establish durable relationships with clients and partners

  • Deliver tailored-made solutions to satisfy the requirements of our clients, respecting the environment

  • Operate and expand internationally

  • Be a great place to work at



The triple bottom line (Planet, People, Profit) sets the tone in the way we do business. Our products, services, communication and management measures are all designed to optimize and reduce costs, environmental and societal impacts for ourselves and our stakeholders

Technological Innovation

We deploy computer-aided design, process intensification and integration schemes, advanced materials and intelligent automation and control to achieve technological superiority.


As a highly agile organization we are alert to change and move quickly
and decisively to meet the challenges that emerge from such change. This allows us to react quickly to changes
in the customer’s requirements and environment to deliver an effective and timely solution.


In our team each gender as well as many age groups and ethnic & cultural backgrounds are represented. Our talent pool is equally diverse in terms of professional background, experiences, insights, strengths and special skills. Inclusion puts our diversity into action, enabling a multifaceted mix of people to complement each other in cohesive, high-performing teams.