Turn Wastewater Into Value
akvoFloat™ is a separation technology based on a proprietary flotation-filtration process. It has been designed for the treatment of industrial process water and wastewater in the most challenging operating conditions. Within the metalworking industry it is the most cost-effective water treatment technology for the reuse and discharge of metalworking fluids.


Wastewater Compliance

Problem: Non-compliance with discharge limits due to high concentration of oils, TSS, organics and/or metals.

Solution: In-house treatment with akvoFloat™ for the removal of excessive contamination (oils, dirt, solids, metals, etc.) and rancid odors in order to meet discharge limits.

Wastewater Reuse

Problem: In-house wastewater treatment isn’t able to reach quality for wastewater reuse.

Solution: Use akvoFloat™ as final polishing after your wastewater treatment plant to reuse/recycle metalworking fluids and water.

Increase Fluid Quality

Problem: Contamination of MWF leads to bad surface finish, short fluid life and employee health problems.

Solution: Use akvoFloat™ to remove particulate, tramp oil, bacteria in order to achieve a longer fluid lifespan and improve the quality of your finished products.

Washwater Recycle

Problem: Dispose of large amounts of washwater with high loads of oils, TSS, organics and/or metals creating an environmental and financial impact.

Solution: Use akvoFloat™ to purify washwater for reuse.

Fluid Disposal Costs

Problem: Water-mix MWF are hazardous wastes governed by strict regulations and external disposal is very expensive.

Solution: Treat spent MWF with akvoFloat™ up to discharge quality in order to reduce your wastewater costs.

Extend Fluid Life

Problem: Bacteria contamination reduces MWF life.

Solution: Use akvoFloat™ to remove particulate, tramp oil, bacteria to improve cutting performance and achieve longer fluid life.

Targeted Contaminants

  • Oil & Grease - Free, dispersed and emulsified
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Suspended Solids - Metal Particles
  • Bacteria
  • (Heavy) Metals
  • AOX - Halogenated organic compounds