Turn Wastewater Into Value
akvoFloat™ can handle any refinery effluent –regardless of the oil and TSS concentration– as a one-stop pretreatment solution for the biological treatment, acting as a reliable absolute barrier. Unlike conventional technologies, akvoFloat™ can remove dispersed and emulsified oils.

Refining - Applications HPI

1. Wastewater Discharge

Problem: Non-compliance with discharge limits due to oil, TSS, organics, metals or any hard-to- treat contaminants.

Solution: Use akvoFloat™ to improve primary or tertiary treatment with the most cost-effective technology.

2. Tank Dewatering Effluent

Problem: High crude oil concentrations from tanks endanger WWTP performance.

Solution: Use akvoFloat™ to remove excessive oil from segregated effluent, previous to sending it to the WWTP.

3. Desalter Effluent

Problem: Oil carry-over in desalter brine. High hydrocarbons (i.e. benzene) and oil concentrations in this effluent create problems in the operation of the WWTP.

Solution: Use akvoFloat™ to remove excessive oil/emulsions of the segregated effluent previous to sending it to the WWTP.

4. Biological Contamination

Problem: Ineffective oil and TSS removal create problems for the Biological Treatment.

Solution: Use akvoFloat™ to improve removal of oils and TSS.

5. Wastewater Reuse

Problem: Pretreatment before desalination (RO/EDR) doen’t meet required feed water quality.

Solution: Use akvoFloat™ as a pretreatment technology in order to eliminate oils, TSS, metals and other contaminants with the right CAPEX/OPEX balance.

6. Reformer Performance

Problem: Poor water separation in the low pressure separator.

Solution: Use akvoFloat™ to improve water separation (demulsifier).

7. Slop Re-Processing

Problem: Low hydrocarbon recovery from slop water.

Solution: Use akvoFloat™ to recover free, dispersed and emulsified oils.

Targeted Contaminants

  • Oil & Grease - Free, dispersed and emulsified
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Suspended Solids - Fines, Clay and Colloids
  • Oil wet solids
  • Bacteria
  • Metals