Produced Water


As our oilfields mature, they generate increasingly large volumes of produced water. Membrane filtration technologies can considerably improve the performance of water treatment installations. By 2011, we achieved a world first by pilot-testing ceramic membranes for produced water treatment in Gabon, where performance was 500 times superior to that of conventional technologies. In view of that successful result, we proceeded to qualify the ceramic membrane technology for an industrial project. Now we are going a step forward with the disruptive innovative akvoFloat™ technology which must be validated at our laboratory facilities.



Synthetic produced water was prepared by mixing various concentrations of crude oil and suspended solid particles with tap water. A tank coupled with a mixer unit was used for preparation of the feed water for the akvoFloat™ unit.
Stable operation is characterized by low fouling velocity (TMP decrease per hour) at high permeate flux (> 150 lmh).
The pilot plant consists of a flotation-filtration tank with a capacity of 100 l/h, an integrated microbubble generator and a submerged silicon carbide (SiC) microfiltration membrane.


  • High removal efficiency of TSS < 1 ppm and Oil < 2 ppm
  • High recovery (> 95%)
  • Stable operation (TMP < 30 mbar/h)
  • High flux (100 -150 lmh)
  • Low pressure drop (0,1- 0,25 bar)