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MicroGas™ triples revenue and expands into 19 countries in 2020 as akvoFloat™ gains a foothold in key markets

This year MicroGas™ has become the largest revenue-generating product of akvola Technologies, has reached four continents and has been selected as a key challenger in the flotation market by Global Water Intelligence.


Berlin, Germany – November 17th 2020 akvola Technologies (“Company”), a water technology company providing simple, reliable and environment-friendly solutions for hard-to-treat industrial wastewater treatment, announces record growth and a big international expansion of its MicroGas™ business line.

As akvoFloat™ continues to gain market adoption through its commercial references in automotive, metalworking and refining, this year it was the Company’s recently launched MicroGas™ business line that clearly took the stage. Released in 2018 as a response to a massive market pull, MicroGas™ has been selected this year as a key challenger in flotation by Global Water Intelligence – a leading market research firm¬– and has become the company’s largest revenue-generating product. “Despite this year’s global economic slowdown, we have been able to triple the revenue generated by MicroGas™ alone”, declared Matan Beery, the Company’s CEO, “I am proud to say that our MicroGas™ units are currently sold in 19 countries over four continents, posing the business line for an even faster exponential growth in the coming years”.

Part of the growth in international footprint is due to the akvola’s Premium Partner Program, through which the Company could gain five additional commercial partners across Europe and China in 2020. The companies that join this program have access to the technology at privileged conditions and are supported by akvola commercially and technically in acquiring and developing projects. This is one of the key growth strategies and the Company is looking to further expand geographically in the upcoming months.

In order to address the market for large-scale plants, akvola has recently released the new patented MicroGas™ Series XL, which represents a further step towards simplicity and reliability for the technology. Besides having a higher air/gas flow rate than the S Series, this new model features a submersible motor, which will allow an even quicker drop-in type installation, making it be very competitive for revamping and retrofitting existing DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) plants.

As a response to the cancellation of all leading events in the water space, the company decided to launch their first webinar for the new product release with great success. Over 185 people from over 55 countries attended the event on July 1st, and over 160 people have downloaded the webinar subsequently.

To support the business growth, akvola’s technical team grew strong this year with new hirings of an experienced construction engineer, a process R&D engineer and a manufacturing apprentice. This will enable the Company to further develop the gas transfer applications, accelerate product development and deliver on an ever-increasing order intake for MicroGas™ units.

November 17, 2020 at 10:23 am