Turn Wastewater Into Value

The cost-effective alternative to evaporators, ultrafiltration and external disposal – parts2clean 2018

Learn how akvola Technologies can optimize your wastewater management costs at parts2clean 2018 – akvoFloat™ effectively treat metalworking fluids, cooling lubricants, washing media and floor washing water.


Berlin, Germany – October 15th, 2018akvola Technologies GmbH, specialist in the treatment of heavily polluted industrial wastewater and metalworking fluids, will be presenting its award-winning akvoFloat™ systems at parts2clean in October 2018.

With akvoFloat™, micro-particles, emulsions and tramp oils are removed using microbubbles and novel, fine-pored ceramic membranes from aqueous solutions such as cooling lubricant, washing media and floor washing water. The new geometry of the membranes enables a cost-effective operation with over 95% less energy than evaporators and conventional ultrafiltration systems. In the metalworking industry, our solutions are already being used by renowned customers.

The akvoFloat™ systems are suitable for cleaning and recycling industrial wastewater: spent metalworking fluids, washing waters from parts cleaning processes, die-cast emulsions as well as rinse waters from painting, powder coating and the chemical industry.


Optimize your existing evaporator or ultrafiltration system

For existing evaporators or ultrafiltration systems, akvoFloat™ can be used as a pre-treatment: changes in production lead to changes in the composition and amount of waste water. This in turn means that these plants have to work outside of the design parameters – as defined by the manufacturer with respect to inlet water quality. This translates into higher operating costs, manpower and longer downtimes, e.g. due to the increased replacement of membranes or more frequent cleaning of evaporators. An akvoFloat ™ plant could protect these plants from these fluctuations, thereby minimizing downtime and operating costs of the entire wastewater treatment plant.


Minimize external disposal

Because the treatment of industrial waste water by akvoFloat™ reduces the wastewater volume by up to 95 percent, the disposal costs for wastewater are also drastically reduced. Thus, the investment in a plant usually provides a payback in less than 1,5 years. Even wastewater volumes of 300 m³/year can be treated economically.


Could akvoFloat™ Be Right For Your Facility?

You know you need a new water purification system, and you think akvoFloat™ might have what you need. Just visit our booth at parts2clean 2018 from 23rd to 25th October (Hall 5, Booth C09) and you will have the opportunity to talk to our experts and find out.

October 11, 2018 at 4:42 pm